Version 1.16.5

Creative Plots

In this world, you can build to your heart’s content.

You can also get further involved by joining build contests and contributing to the campus build project. The best builds will be displayed on our Instagram!

Towny mcMMO

A classic survival server with an RPG-style twist!

Now you can get jobs to earn in-game money, join PVE colosseum battles, claim an area to build your house, complete quests, and even get married!


Don’t like grinding for hours but want to battle your friends?

Join our kit PVP world where you can select from 11 kits such as archer, vampire, or kangaroo! Jump pads help you navigate and take down enemies.

Upcoming Events

Join the USciences build project! Just jump on creative mode and replicate what buildings you can!

Share your builds with us so we can feature them here! We will begin to construct the campus layout as buildings are being completed.

Our Partners

Donor ranks coming soon! Support Child’s Play! Contact us to find out how you can donate to child’s play and earn a free rank up in our towny and creative server. Further detail coming soon!

Creative ranks: Builder (default): 1-2 plots, MasterBuilder: 4 Plots, Designer: 6 Plots, Engineer: 8 plots, Architect: 10 Plots

Towny ranks: Roamer, Explorer, Warrior, Knight, King: earning benefits at each rank such as aesthetics and server permissions

Minecraft servers provided by ApexHosting and in collaboration with the Delta Chi Fraternity seeking to create an online community for USciences students, friends, and family.

Server Support

Here are some sample commands and tips to get you started on each server. Clicking the server name below will allow you to view a full list of plugins so that you can further explore commands. Contact rmitkowski@mail.usciences.edu for direct server support.

All Servers:

/help <plugin> or /plugins is always a good start if you are trying to figure out commands

/server will identify the three available servers. Do /server <name> to join it

Creative Server:

/plot to identify plot commands like /plot claim, /plot merge, /plot home, /plot delete.

Other notable plugins are heads plus, armor stand tools, and rifle’s chairs.

Towny Server:

/warp will show available teleport locations, such as spawn/shops or wild. Go to

/jobs displays relevant commands. (jobs can also be changed at spawn) A selected job will make you better at that specified task and earn you money for doing it.

/mcMMO will help you check your RPG style rank in certain skills. Perform tasks to up your level, performing the task faster and getting more benefits for doing it.

Economy commands: /money (view balance), /rankup, /auction, /pay <name>

Claim commands start with /claim. You can expand claims with a golden shovel and use commands to /abandonclaim you’re inside of, /giveclaim to a player, /claimlist to see all claims, or trust players on your claim. Claims can even be sold to other players. You will accrue claim blocks as you play, so if you need more space just hang out a bit more!

Other notable commands are /givepet, /marry, /sethome, /home