Video Game Development Club


We strive to present opportunities for students to meet, discuss their interests and make new friendships!

Have Fun

We aim to appeal to the entire student community by providing events where anyone can join relax, unwind, and have fun!


We seek to introduce students to video game development, design, and programming!

Join our Minecraft Servers!

Help us build a model of USciences on Minecraft! Jump on our creative server and build anything you want!

Want to represent a Greek Life organization? Build your Fraternity/Sorority house! Want to represent a cultural organization? Center your builds around that culture! Want to play minigames and join tournaments? Say no more!

Meetings On Campus

General overview of different events

General Body Meeting

At the beginning of each semester, we will be hosting a general body meeting to introduce our organization for interested potential members and our semester plans.

Charity Events

We will hold at least one charity event with Extra Life and other charity organizations per year.


We will hold at least one game-of-choice tournament per semester using Chellonge service with prizes at the end.

E-Sports Meetings and Events

We are forming UScience’s very first official E-Sports team in collaboration with ARC and CAB! Members that try out and make the team will be given intermural team shirts and compete with other E-Sports teams!

Development Meetings

We will be holding frequent development meetings to work on a semester or year-long project to release for people to play.

Game Nights and Collaborations

We will be holding game nights, mini-tournaments, movie nights, off-campus events, online-game nights and other events in accordance with interest.

Learn More through us

E-Board Members


Mohamed Elhakeem

Vice President

Gretchen Casingal

Programming Chair

Steven Simpkins


Richard Mitkowski


Aida Romano-Martinez


Ryan Martin

Public Relations

Lanvi Hyunh

Pokémon Chair

New Vacant Position

E-Sports Chair

New Vacant Position

Our Project

We are working on a Pokemon Rom game based on USciences.

Pokemon Maroon and Pokemon Grey can be downloaded here once development is done!